Sun Tzu: The Art of War

Sun Tzu: The Art of War

By Ermyas Sereke

Since that war is becoming inevitable; a constant reality that needs to be dealt with in order to save our lifes and our countries from destruction; it is essential to master The Art of War. 

I have been reading the “The Art of War” for about week before and I was very impressed by the principles of  The Art of War and it encourage me to share with you some of the most important ideas that needs to be acquired in order to win and be more strategic in your life. 

From the name of the book, most people think that this book is only for war times and for generals who is gambling to win a battle. But The Art of War isn’t a book just for military academy; it is a book that can be used in everyday life, bussiness, football (soccer) and communication. And even though some of its principles erased by the birth of technology, it still most of its principles and ideas still used until this moment.

And I selected some random ideas of Sun Tzu which I thought is essential that everyone should know it; here they are:

  • Don’t repeat the tactics you had won with; create another one or amend it in unexpected way
  • To keep an intellegencier in the rank of enemy’s, it is equivalent to an entire army
  • The best intellegencier is the one who carry the enemy passport but believes in you
  • Don’t open many fronts against you in the same time; ally with some of your enemy’s until the end of other
  • The major success isn’t by defeating an army violently, but by paralyze the movement of the enemy without resistance 
  • If, in any moment, we are ready to take advantage of every thing to lift us from our troubles; it is evident that we can take ourselves out of predicament 
  • Conquer the fertile land in order to supply your army with food
  • The enlightened and successful Commanders put their plans first and take care of their army and sources 
  • War you couldn’t win it try to avoid it and resort to negotiation as much as possible 
  • War does not win by force, but rather by deception and lack of urgency 
  • Don’t attack your enemy when they know they would be attacked 
  • While the enemy is at the hand, however remained calm, that mean he prepared to you a plot
  • Be prepared to hunt the enemy mistakes; May be without it victory wouldn’t come fast or at all
  • Keep your power and skills secret; whenever you are a mysterious fears you the enemy and maginfies your ability 
  • You will absolutely be defeated if (you) didn’t determine the place and time of the battle
  • Don’t fight in a climate that the enemy familiar with it while you’re not
  • The land is part of the army which is the one that increase or decrease the army power
  •  Conquer the narrow lanes and important spot before the enemy and then suppose occupation 
  • Initiate to kill the enemy while he cross the river; and (you) don’t pass while they are at the other side
  • When you besiege the enemy give them a way to flee to reduce clashes and lose of life and capture them while they are fleeing

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