Secularism for the “United States of Eritrea”

Secularism for the “United States of Eritrea”

By Ermyas Sereke

On November 28 2016, I read a very interesting article on ”” – Popular Eritrean opposition website – called ” The United States of Eritrea”. In the article the author talks about what kind of ”federal government”, Education, and language should Eritrea have after the post-dictatorship period on his opinion. But he forget, or actually he avoid to rise the issue of religion, about which religion will be the dominant one, or by another way, which religion Eritrea would be internationally identify with?

I ain’t here to argue about what kind of religion we will be identify with, but I am going to prove that a religion is a dangerous threat to our nation. From the first glance you would call me an ”atheist” that wants to plant ”Mesmerized” and ”Kafr” (كفر) on the Eritrean society, but don’t worry I am a Secular – Christian, who see religion can’t go along with politics on the Eritrea society, simply because Eritrea divide in to two largest religion in the world: Christianity and Islam. So when it comes to politics, religion should be excluded.  Why? Don’t hurry, I have a lot to say.

I really admire the plan of Mr. Ahmeeddin Osman ( the writer of the U.S.E ), but he didn’t seems that dare when he ignore the religion issues, but I will add this article to complete the article of ”The United States of Eritrea” to be at level of effectiveness.

When we look to the middle east, we see all the Arab countries are facing a common problem: religion. Did you ask yourself why this nations their root problem are common? What makes them kill each other in a barbarism way? Is it because they close to each other geographically?

It is pure and obvious that these nations are facing a common problem, because they are using a dominant religion in a country that have divers religion and sects. They legitimate the dominant religion and abuse the minority religions and other parts of sects groups. What do you think the effect would be when this kind of laws becoming legitimate in the country? Do you think there would be stability? Do you think, an advanced and tolerate society will be formed on these kind of laws that favor specific people?

Absolutely not. No advanced and tolerate society will be formed while the government is using its power to legitimate laws that ignore the other side basic rights. Let me explain to you more and I will use Eritrea as example.

Mr. Osman on his article proposed a plan that the government should be a ”federal government” in which he divided Eritrea into four regions: East, South, North and Central. Let say now that the North – Senhit, Sahel, and Barka regions – wants to apply ”Sharia Law” on their state-government constitutions, what do you think the Highlanders will say? Do you think they will be OK with that? Absolutely they will say why they apply sharia law there, and why not we (highlanders) don’t apply Christian Sharia Law here on the highlands as long as the North apply their religion as state-government constitution?  Now, invert. If the highlands – which is dominant  by Christians – wants to apply Christian Sharia Law  on the highlands, do you think the North and other parts of Eritrea that dominant with the Islamic faith will be OK with that? The same thing will be saying: why we the Muslims don’t apply Sharia Law on the Muslims lands as long as the Christians apply their Christian Sharia law?

Now lets see the effect of this uncivilized laws that don’t go with the 21 century if it applied on the ground. Do you think that a Highlander soldier will defend, protect, and sacrifice his/her life if he/she is serving as a solider in a Islamic Sharia Law regions of Eritrea? No. Also on the opposite side, do you think a Muslim who is serving on the military on a Christian Sharia Law regions of Eritrea will defend, protect, and sacrifice his/her life ? No. Why? Because the laws will make them feels isolated and foreigner. Therefore, religion will kill the unity of the Eritrean peoples and makes everyone on their respective regions act like an independent country as long as they applied different religion as their state-government constitution. And these will weaken the federal government powers and coups and new dictatorship will likely rise on this fragmented society.

In conclusion,  in order to form a more ”perfect union”, a national security, peace, prosperity, civilized and tolerate society,  we need to stop merge religion with politics; religion for individual and nation for all !!!!


Suggestion reading :

Ahmeddin Osman, ”The United States of Eritrea”,, 2016



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