Stop Submission to the Eritrean Dictatorship

Stop Submission to the Eritrean Dictatorship

by Ermyas Sereke

The Monkeys Master: An old man survived by keep the monkeys in his services

One day there was an old man that have a lot of Monkeys serving him. Everyday he gathers all monkeys and order the eldest monkey to guide them to the mountain to collect fruits from the trees. Every Monkey have to give 90% of the fruits that he collected to the ruler and those who failed to do so they will punished ruthlessly. All the monkeys suffered bitterly, but afraid to complain.

One day small monkey asked the others monkeys “Did the old man plant all the trees of fruits and bushes”. The others said “No, it grew naturally”. The small monkey further asked “Can’t we take the fruits without the old man permission”. The others replied “Yes, we all can”. The small monkey continued “Then, why should we depend on the old man why we must all serve him?”.

Suddenly the monkeys got enlightened and awakened by the statement of the small monkey.

On the same night, when the old man felt sleep, the monkeys tore down the barricades of the stockade in which they were confined and destroyed the stockade entirely. They also took the fruits the old man had in storage, brought all with them to the woods and never returned. The old man finally died of starvation.

As we see here that the old man was depending on the monkeys to survive and suddenly when they left him died of starvation. The same thing with the Eritrean dictatorship will work, If we disobey the Eritrean dictatorship rules, withdrawal our assistance and submission to them, we will defeat them as the monkeys do to the old man. Civil disobedience and boycott should spread on population to challenge the dictatorship. It is the only way to resist the dictatorship by low-risk means.

Yu-li-zi says “some men in the world rule their people by tricks and not by righteous principles. Aren’t they just like the monkeys master?. They aren’t aware of their muddle-headedness. As soon as their people become enlightened, their tricks no longer work”.

Hence, we should enlightened our society on how to resistance the dictatorship by nonviolent means. Short story like this can enlightening the people and might start to disobey and resist the Eritrean dictatorship.


Suggesting reading:

Gene Sharp, from dictatorship to democracy. USA: Albert Einstein Instituation, 1993.


One thought on “Stop Submission to the Eritrean Dictatorship

  1. Wow
    Are you going to be the little monkey?
    It is so funny bro. You are hiding behind screen and asking others to do your derty job. What Eritreans need first and for most is peace. You are not proposing that are you? By boycotting what do you think you going to achieve ? Nothing if you must know ok . My advice to you is don’t be part of a problem be part of a solution if you really care about your people. Let me ask you one simple question. Have you ever tried to help children without family, older people who don’t have anyone and so on , forget politics


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