Launching The Red Sea Post Website

Launching The Red Sea Post Website

Welcome to all our beloved readers to our new website. I hope this website will be the home of Love, Unity and Prosperity to the Eritrean people’s. This is a website that made for covering mainly Eritrea’s  history, people, culture, language, social, economical and political life. Our main goal is to send the true message and news to the people without any ”lies” and fabrication. It our  website goal to keep Eritrean people in track and providing them with reliable sources. Also we will focus to expose the people who distortion the history and news to their interesting.

Our website goal are as follow:

  1. Sending the True message to Eritrean people’s without fabrication

  2. Create trust between the Eritrea people

  3. Analysis history and events

  4. Enlightenment the Eritrean people’s

  5.  Reconcile ethnic groups with each other

  6. Being the voice for the Voiceless

  7. Create a free speech between the Eritrean people’s

We hope it will be a successful highly trusted website that spread the word of Unity among the Eritrean people. We hope you enjoy this website and it become the base of your sources and enjoyment.


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